Cylindrical type
Cylindrical type

Specially designed industrial products for various applications make the detection reliable and stable

There are 8 series products below

    Non-contact detection,safe, reliable and non-abrasion;

    Built-in ASIC,strong anti-interference,stable performance;

    Ultra-long detection distance for easier position setting;

    Protection degree: IECIP67.

    There are 10 products below

    Small size product,convenient to use and install;

    ASIC,stable sensing distance,easy to adjust orientation;

    Oil-resistance, folded resistance cable;

    Sensing surface use Oil resistance and corrosion resistance material, ambient resistance performance is excellent;

    There are 16 products below

    500Bar or above pressure resistance, corrosion resistance;

    Zirconia material induction surface, high strength impact resistance, high strength stainless steel housing.

    Mechanical impact resistance,extend the life of fluid pressure impact;

    Full metal housing, high strength steel structure.

    There are 6 products below

    Withstand magnetic field interference,high switching frequency,wide temperature range;

    Realize damping protection through self compensation;

    Stainless steel of corrosion resistance and mechanical impact resistance;

    There are 6 products below

    Suitable for auto production line,welding industry,chemical industry and other severe environment;

    Surface coat with Teflon, prevent welding slag accumulation and sputtering,corrosion resistance;

    Strong weather resistance,reliable performance,easy installation, -40℃~120℃ workable;

    Diamagnetic interference;

    There are 32 products below

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