•         Benefiting from the robust support of the national industrial policy for emerging industries and the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, the market size of China's semiconductor discrete device industry has been steadily growing. Sodron has been dedicated to the research, production, and manufacturing of sensors for nearly two decades. In the field of sensors, our rich experience ensures stable product performance and flexible, rapid delivery schedules. Our sensor technology and products are widely used in various process stages of the semiconductor industry, such as chip production, PCB processing, LED packaging, IC component packaging, SMT patching, and LCM assembly.

  • In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, rail transit networks are spreading all over the country, and the application of smart sensors in the industry has also opened up a broad space. SODRON sensors are used in various nodes of urban traffic, such as application of regional light curtains ,safety light curtains in gates which provide the highest safety guarantee for people who travel high-speed rail and subway every day.

  • The medical device industry is one of the most active areas in our country's economic development. Medical devices are closely related to people's lives and are indispensable in modern society. With the rapid development of our country's economy and the continuous increase in the number of elderly people, the market demand for medical devices continues to increase. Our country's medical device industry has great potential for development. SODRON will provide high-efficiency and high-quality products for medical device customers, so that more people can get the best medical treatment.

  • As a traditional industry in our country, the textile industry has always played a pivotal role in national economic activities. As early as the end of the last century, our country's textile machinery industry began to vigorously promote the application of automation technologies such as PLC, VFD, servo system and computer control to improve the speed and production efficiency of the machine. SODRON has focused on the sensor industry for 20 years, providing high-quality products for traditional industries such as textile machinery and injection molding.

  • According to the on-site needs of customers in the logistics industry, SODRON has specially developed a series of products for them, including diffuse reflection photoelectric, specular reflection, and background suppression sensors. These sensors are equiped with high-quality shells, and produced under strict quality control during the production process. They can reach high IP protection level, all of them with interface which meet the needs of industry customers.Our product performance is stable, and CE and other certifications have been obtained.

  • With the continuous increase in the number of elevator users and the frequent occurrence of accidents,  more and more domestic attention is paid to elevators. SODRON provides users with customized products and solutions according to elevator industry standards. Pepple find solution through the feedback from the safety sensors installed in the elevator doors and inside the elevator,and adding more safety products . Once the elevator has a problem, the system will start a real-time alarm to notify the property or elevator maintenance personnel to rush to the incident site for disposal.

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