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  • ModelS1000
    Input: rated voltage, frequency1PH/3PH AC220V 50/60Hz; 3PH AC380V 50/60Hz
    Input: allowable voltage range220V:170V~240V;   380V:330V~440V
    Output: voltage220V:0~220V;        380V:0~380V
    Output: frequency0.1~400.0Hz
    Control modeSpace vector, V/F control

    Four digital tube display, LED display, displaying set frequency, output frequency, output current, rotation, rotation speed, fault, etc

    Output frequency range0.1~400.0Hz
    Frequency setting resolutionDigital setting: 0.10hz, analog setting: 0.1% of the maximum output frequency
    Output frequency accuracy0.1Hz
    V/F controlFree to set V/F curve , meet the needs of all kinds of load
    Torque control

    Automatic lifting: according to the load, automatically determine the torque lifting;

    Manual lifting: 0.0 ~ 20.0% torque lifting can be set

    Multi function input terminalFour multi-function input terminals realize 15 section speed control, program operation, 4 section acceleration and deceleration switching, up / down function, emergency stop and other functions
    Multi function output terminalThere is a multi-function output terminal to realize the indicator alarm output of running, zero speed, external abnormal, program running, etc
    Acceleration / deceleration time setting0 ~ 999.9s, acceleration / deceleration time can be set respectively
    PID controlBuilt in PID control
    RS485Standard RS485 communication function
    Frequency setting

    Analog quantity 0 ~ 10V, 4 ~ 20mA, keyboard direct setting, RS485 setting, up / down setting, etc

    Note: analog voltage input (0 ~ 10V) and analog current input (4 ~ 20mA) can be selected for avi terminal through switch J2

    Multistage speedFour multi-function input terminals, which can form 15 section speed
    Automatic voltage stabilizationthe function of automatic voltage stabilization can be selected  when needed 
    CounterBuilt in 2 groups of counters
    Overload protectionConstant torque 150% / 1 min, variable torque 120% / 1 min

    Over voltage protection

    Over voltage protection can be set
    Under voltage protectionUnder voltage protection can be set
    Other protectionShort circuit protection, over-current protection, parameter locking, etc
    Ambient temperature-10℃ to 40℃ (Ice-free)
    Ambient humidityUnder 95% (No condensation)
    Altitudebelow 1000m (Need to downshift over 1000m)
    Vibrationbelow 0.5G
    Cooling modeForced-air cooling
    Protection levelIP20
    Installation methodWall mounted, standard 35mm rail mounted

    (Unit: mm)



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