Photoelectric Sensors
Photoelectric Sensors

Sensors are used to detect, measure, analyze and process changes in various production environments.

    sensor which can detect whether there is an object or not and distinguish the difference of components by using optical principle

    There are 5 main series of Photoelectric Sensors:

    1. Amplifier built-in type

    2. Power built-in

    3. Color sensor

    4. Label Sensors

    5. Peripheral products    

    Photoelectric sensor with high precision detection by optical fiber

    There are 2 main series of Optical fiber sensors:

    1. Fiber amplifier  

    2. Optical

    Ultra small and low cost photoelectric sensor for detecting the presence or absence of objects

    There are 3 main series of Micro photoelectric sensors:

    1. Slot

    2. Through beam reflection

    3. U-type

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