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  • NPI Engineer for new product introduction
    2020 - 09 - 11
  • Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the feasibility analysis of new scheme, new process and new technology introduction;

    2. Lead and organize the pre production meeting before the trial production, confirm item by item according to the trial production checklist, and ensure that all preparations before the trial production are completed;

    3. Be responsible for the leading analysis of major technical or quality problems in the transition stage, and deal with technical and technological problems in time;

    4. Follow up the production status of the first order, continuously achieve the yield and capacity transfer target, output the first order transfer report, and hold a meeting with the production and R & D team to review the improvement plan before reaching the target.


    1. Have the work experience of using IE to analyze and solve problems, and have the ability of on-site exception handling and on-site improvement;

    2. Familiar with SMT and assembly process of electronic products;

    3. Engineering experience in sensor industry is preferred.


    1. Working hours: 8:15-17:00, weekend, national holidays

    2. Address: no.1053, Huicheng Road, Nanhui Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

    3. Benefits: five insurances and one fund, working meal, annual salary adjustment, performance salary, annual physical examination, employee birthday party, etc.

    4. Resume delivery:

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