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  • Structural Technician/Engineer
    2020 - 09 - 30
  • Provide accommodation: Standard District 2 rooms 1 room Suite (up to 4 people), air conditioning, water heater, washing machine, refrigerator, kitchen, etc. complete set

    Job description:

    1. Be responsible for the structural design of the housing, mountings, connectors, etc. of electronic products;

    2. Responsible for the mechanical structure design of engineering projects and products and drawing related drawings and data;

    3.Participate in the mechanical assembly and commissioning of engineering projects and products;

    4. Conduct new product styling design, mould design, engineering drawing;

    5. Solution of mould making process and trial mould problems;

    6. Plan, plan and advance projects, solve projects and report on project progress;

    7. Cooperate with the supervisor to complete the tasks temporarily assigned.


    1. Skilled in AutoCAD mapping and PRO-E (UG/SOLIDWORK, any one) 3D modeling;

    2. Understand the structure of the mould and the forming process, and know the optimization of the structure of the mould and the avoidance of the forming defects in the structure design.

    3. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of plastic parts and sheet metal parts;

    4. Familiarize yourself with the general knowledge and specifications of mechanical mapping theory.


    1. Working hours: 8:15-17:00, double rest

    2. Work place: Nanhui Industrial Park in Pudong New Area merged into a road

    3. Benefits and benefits: five insurance, one pension, performance pay, annual physical examination, employee group building, employee birthday party, etc.

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