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  • Electronic Technician/Engineer
    2020 - 09 - 30
  • Description: Adult accommodation: Standard District 2 rooms 1 room Suite (up to 4 people), air conditioning, water heater, washing machine, refrigerator, kitchen and other supporting facilities are complete

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for product design and upgrading of old products in accordance with market demand;

    2. Cooperate with other colleagues in the Technical Department to complete the design/sample preparation work;

    3. Conduct sample dissection and research and draw relevant drawings;

    4. Responsible for carrying out various experiments related to product development and filling in experimental reports;

    5. Cooperate with marketing departments to provide after-sales technical services and support for products;

    6. Cooperate with the supervisor to complete the tasks temporarily assigned.


    1. Understand the technology and methods of proximity sensor products;

    2. Proficient in digital and analog circuits, good at circuit analysis and design, strong manual and operational capabilities;

    3. Familiar with sensor product structure, performance, principle and application method;

    4. Skilled in using design software (e.g. PROTEL99, or Altium designer 6.0), familiar with electrical circuit design methods and wiring rules, and have a certain understanding or application ability of EMC electromagnetic compatibility;

    5. Experience in software and hardware development of single-chip computers;

    6. Bachelor's degree or above in related disciplines such as Electricity, Electronics, Automation, etc. With working experience in the same field, college education can be relaxed.


    1. Working hours: 8:15-17:00

    2. Place of work: No. 1053, Huicheng Road, Nanhui Industrial Park, Pudong New Area

    3. Welfare benefits: five insurance and one payment, working meals, performance bonus, regular physical check-up, employee birthday party, etc.

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